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Both parents and teachers play vital role in the development of child’s personality and It is very core requirements of every educational institute to keep connected with parents in every matter related to students whether it is students attendee, his / her behaviour, performance in exam, and other circular activities, a good communication between parents and teachers play very important roles in children learning and character building process.

ICTSchool is communications platform to keep connect teachers / management with parents real time, It will keep update parents about status and performance of their children. Every Educational Institutes / Schools / Colleges / Universities etc has to update parents about following issues.

  1. Absence / Late attendance
  2. Monthly tuition fee and other dues
  3. Performance in tests / exams
  4. Performance in other curricular activities
  5. Upcoming events / functions
  6. Teacher / Parents meeting schedules
  7. Other school activities

To effectively achieve above mentioned goals needs a smart communication platform that server the purpose and manage their communications needs effectively.

ICTSchool can devlier automatic calls to parents in case students is late / absent and if parents like to discuss with management about absence of their students, The system will connect both teachers / management with parents automatically.

Similarly the said platform will update parents about their dues / fees, upcoming events / function, holidays, their performance in exams and other school activities.