ICTSchool is the modern school management software system for running any type of the educational institute. It bundles Unified Communications & School Management features for forward-thinking educational institutes around the world. It features complete business process automation and integration of communication technologies like voice calls and text messaging to connect school teachers, parents, and students in such a way that never imagined before.

ICTSchool is a cloud-based solution with multi-branch management, auto-scaling, and real-time reporting.

ICTSchool will offer a Mobile application for teachers/students/ parents for easy attendance management, daily diary management, parent/teacher interaction.

ICTSchool will automatically update parents about the status of their children, It will automatically call them immediately on the absence or message them if they are late to attend their classes also it offers parents the option to connect with school management or teachers in real-time.

ICTSchool updates parents to pay their school fees and other dues of their children in-time through making automated pre-recorded, telephonic calls or sending text messages and in this way, it facilitates school management to collect school fee in time.

ICTSchool is bundled with the complete account management system and empowers management to keep themselves update with ongoing daily, weekly, or monthly revenue collections, expenses, and income.

ICTSchool features a complete Exam & Paper management system, preparing results, updating parents, printing weekly, monthly tests for students, and paper management either semester-based system or annually based system.

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