ICTSchool Attendance System allows teachers to take attendance of the students from Mobile Application. An automated attendance system is used by the teachers, which has made teachers work easy and fast.

This automated system has allowed teachers to take attendance of the student in their mobile as well as give Auto SMS and Voice SMS notification generation for late and absent students.

Old Attendance System taking and tracking was a time-consuming and tiring task in schools. ICTSchool Mobile Attendance System allowed us to get relief from manually taking attendance. ICTSchool Mobile Attendance System is user-oriented and user-friendly for teachers. ICTSchool Mobile Attendance System allows teachers to get most of their attendance work done from mobile instead of attendance registers.

Auto SMS and Voice Call allow sending the notification to the student`s parents on late or absent. Our Auto Notification system allows the School Administration to easily inform about school absence report to the parents by SMS alerts or Voice Call.

Benefits of Attendance System and its Applications

  1. Paperless and Less Time Consuming
  2. Absent Report Generating Daily/ Monthly/ Yearly basis
  3. Manage student Attendance Day/ Week/ Month/ Yearly basis
  4. Easy and Automatic update student Attendance on online school website
  5. Generate Attendance or Absent reports of the Day/ Week/ Month/ Yearly basis
  6. Marking of Attendance
  7. Update about latest news and notices
  8. Quick Generation of Reports
  9. SMS can be sent 24/7 track of delivery report and assured delivery of information
  10. Delivery of Voice SMS to Parents, Teachers and Management
  11. Bridges communication gap between parents and teachers
  12. SMS delivery through school name

Benefits of Advance Attendance Reports.

  1. Electronic Tracking of Attendance
  2. Forget the roll books
  3. Recording Reasons for absence
  4. Automatic texts to families
  5. Enhancing the punctuality