Accounts of schools allow to manage the finance of the schools or other educational facility. Accounts are responsible for balancing payments, student school fee, staff salary, and complete account management system. Accounts allow to get the update about the advance Income / Expenses report. School staff accounts allows to perform administrative duties such as maintaining schedules, providing telephone support, filing, transcription and the production of forms.

Type of School Accounts

  1. Single school account system
    Single school account allows to display a number of student licenses used, contract period, student, and teacher account information for that school.
    Single school administrators allow to create single-school admin accounts for users in the school they manage.
  2. Multi branches accounts system
    Multi branches accounts allow to display a list of selected registered schools and the number of student paid or unpaid students. Multi branches administrators allow to create single or multi-school admin accounts for users in the schools they manage.

Features of Accounts

  1. Analysis and Reports
  2. User friendly
  3. Automatically update
  4. Customization
  5. Data Sharing
  6. Scale-ability
  7. Security

Account Reports

  1. Accounts Receivable Report
  2. Accounts Payable Report
  3. Cash book report
  4. Expense Detail and summary reports
  5. Monthly Expense chart gives you month wise comparison view of your expenses
  6. Printable Reports
  7. Branch wise income and expense reports

Account Benefit in ICTSchool System

  1. Time saving
  2. Minimize errors
  3. Computerized invoice
  4. Computerized reports
  5. Easily analysis income and expense details
  6. Organization
  7. Information Accuracy