Fee Management system allows to reduce the working task and is easy to maintain records for long time than normal handwritten records. This system has allowed for the fee calculations to be done very easily. Hence management and maintenance of fee became very easy.

System also automates the fee receipts entries in the school accounts eliminating the need of repeated data entries. This fee management system maintains detail of the student’s Fee collection in an efficient manner and has an option of Advance Fee collection Report, Advance Fee defaulter report, Auto Voice/SMS based remainder for fee collection, Print student / family-based Fee voucher, bounce SMS fee collection, Fee in installments and many more.

Benefits of Fee Management

  1. User-Friendly
  2. Account Management
  3. Quick Payments
  4. Customization and flexible
  5. Transparency
  6. Revenue Management
  7. Paid Students List Reports
  8. Un-Paid Students List Reports
  9. Sent automated Voice Notification to fee defaulter
  10. Sent automated SMS Notification to fee defaulter

Advantages of Fee Management

  1. Customization and scalable cloud-based fee management system
  2. Easy-to-use
  3. Auto-calculation of various fees
  4. Highly secure with role-based permissions and privileges to users
  5. Track fee payments of your various accounts from anywhere, anytime
  6. Stay up-to-date on fee collection for any period at your fingertips
  7. Prevent fraud and maintain the privacy
  8. Customization fee structure according to your needs
  9. Automatic backup and upgrades
  10. Collect fees in multiple installments and increase revenue