A school management software that is so friendly and flexible that allow to add as many branches as you have and manage them separately and all together. Software allow to view branch wise accounts reports, Real-time branch reporting. The attendance system module helps Administration to easily monitor his branch status, How many student absent or present today, check income and expense reports, paid and defaulter student list of each branch from admin portal. Administration can also send emergency notification or fee reminder to student of all branches or to specific branch and many more.

Features of Multi Branches

  1. Super admin manages multiple schools
  2. Assignments
  3. Teacher Timetables
  4. Schedule Exams
  5. Manage Users and Roles
  6. Emergency Notification
  7. Fee reminder notification to defaulter students
  8. Account and Finance Reports
  9. Income and Expense report of each branch

Advantages of Multi branches

  1. To get detail information about different branches through admin portal
  2. To maintain reporting of each branches
  3. To give detail of faculty and of students to parents
  4. To get detail of branches for admission of students
  5. To get jobs for teachers in different branches
  6. To get detail about which branch need to improve and which branch is on success
  7. To get detail information of different branches as related to rules and regulations